Jamal T. Bull

Thursday, March 03, 2016

My name is Jamal Bull. J. Bull or Bull is preferred. I like to say thanks for coming to our blog. I met D. Lewis when I was en route to coming to college. Since then we've been two hangers in a closet. I move to my own beat, and the beat changes constantly just like fashion does. I love meeting people, and bringing people together just to celebrate life, and give reassurance that we all serve a purpose in life. South Carolina is where it all started. It took some trials, and tribulations to get to where I am today. From Santee, SC to Charlotte, NC really amped my life up.

Growing up my family was there to show me clothes, yet I taught myself about fashion and the history. My family showed me that's it's about carrying yourself well. My mother and father dressed me in Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, & Nike at a young age head to toe, then it switched but part of me cherishes that.  I still can remember when I had a pair of Air Jordan 13 Space Jams. I watched both my grandmothers sew, alter, and make clothes at a very young age. At that time I was amazed at the sounds the sewing machine made, and the end result of a finished garment. I caught myself drawing sketches of a girl wearing a dress and hat all the time, but at the time I didn't know what I was preparing myself for. Moving to Charlotte really changed how I dressed and reshaped my love for fashion completely. That is when my style became focused and pricked with astonishing snips. I didn't have the fancy designers and brands in my closet in high school, but I made everything work. Rihanna, Solange, & Pharell inspired me and still does inspire me to this day.

Now I can say I make everything in my closet. I make clothes and leather goods, and I assist people with getting their looks (outfits) together. Through social media, I am able to leave my mark in someone's life. It can only be one way, and that way is up. It's kind of hard to talk about my style or name it because I don't want to limit myself. Versatility at it's finest is how I can phrase it because I like going for different aesthetics. I have aspirations of working in the fashion industry, but it doesn't necessarily have to go that way. I'm still trying to figure my career path out, and I know I don't have much time. Time is a valuable thing and only time will tell where I go. Doing this blog with Lewis just gives me a big platform, outlet, and space to be who I want in my life. Thank you for being apart of it.

All photography courtesy of Denzel Fleming

- Signed,

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