Patty Literati

Thursday, March 31, 2016

One of the people on our campus whose style stands out + really catches our attention on a daily basis is none other than "Patty Literati." Hailing from Washington, D.C., her style is in sync with her very own persona, Nonchalance at its finest. She mixes that carefree spirit with ladylike accents to create something that truly stands out from the other females here. Here are a few words from the young style authority herself: 

"Poppin Patty is the poppin Patty brand. I am a lifestyle, inspiration, music, and women’s empowerment blogger that believes in the divinity of womanhood and all of its implications. Patty apologizes for nothing and teaches everything that she can. She is a sister, lover, mother, rapper, poet, artist, friend, and whatever role she chooses to step into on any given day. 

Her writing is hilarious and profane but profound. Everybody wants a Patty. Everybody loves a Patty. But as she is an acquired taste, she doesn’t go down smooth. Everybody can’t handle a Patty. And to that, her response is, “screw em.” Pop off. Be blessed."

All photography courtesy of Denzel Fleming

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  1. Luv this sight so far. Can't wait for the next article.


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