5 Spring/Summer Essentials for Men

Thursday, April 28, 2016

At the start of each season, it seems as if gentlemen everywhere are stumped as to what they should be wearing to stay on top of the current trends while remaining true to the essence of their own styles. Staying true to one’s personal style while maneuvering from season to season with all of the new incoming trends can be very challenging. To prepare our readers for the upcoming spring/summer season, L & B has compiled a list of essentials that every stylish young fellow should incorporate into his closet to beat the heat while managing to look fresh at the same time.

1. Chic, Quality Sunglasses

Whether it's sunny outside or crazy indoors, sunglasses are always chic and fundamental for blocking the sun (or people) out. Be sure to find the right pair that fits your face and invest in timeless brands like Ray-Ban, Persol, or Oliver Peoples. Warby Parker also sells quality sunglasses for a college student's budget. 

2. A Crisp, White Oxford Shirt

It seems like the white oxford shirt has served as a wardrobe staple ever since the beginning of time. You can never go wrong with this piece in your closet. They are especially great in the summertime because they're refreshing, adaptable and a versatile color to wear whether it's short or long sleeved. 

3. An Assortment of Linen Trousers

During the spring and summer, one of my favorite pieces consists of a good pair of linen trousers. Linen is a quality fabric that is soft to the skin and breathable to the wearer. Just about any fast fashion retailer has them at an affordable price. (i.e. Zara, ASOS, H&M, & Uniqlo)

4.  Easy, Light Cologne

One thing that I can never leave the house without is a spritz of my best cologne to top everything off. My personal favorite is Dior Homme "Eau for Men." J. Bull's favorite is YSL's "L'Homme." Every man's signature varies but just make sure it's not too heavy and compliments your body well.

5. Comfy, Low Top Sneakers

All photography courtesy of Lewis & Bull

The last essential for the summer that finalizes the list is a white pair of comfortable low top sneakers. My favorites at the moment are the classic Adidas Stan Smith's with the green backs. They're very versatile, relatively easy to slip on and off when I'm in a rush and are altogether timeless.

During the buying process, be sure to incorporate fit, texture, and comfortability when making a final selection. These elements can make or break a new addition to your closet. Be sure to consider our five suggestions when shopping for new pieces for the upcoming season. Share with us below what are your essentials for the Spring and the Summer!

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