Look 007*

Monday, August 22, 2016

For my second day back at my university I woke up with the words "You've got to be Seen in Green," buzzing in my mind. If you've ever seen the iconic 1970's movie "The Wiz," it has this amazing scene showcasing the most fabulous, draped, black fashionistas and fashionistos in The Emerald City. In the scene the citizens of The Emerald City alternate between red, green, and gold. Down below you can see my best green look that I put together with that iconic song in mind. Also, click here to listen to the iconic Emerald City song. Get your life!

Pocket T-shirt by CPO Provisions Trousers by Zara

Cowboy Tie Necklace by D. Lewis Watch by Timex Wristband by Public School

Sneakers by Adidas (Stan Smith)

All photography courtesy of Lewis & Bull

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