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Friday, August 19, 2016

All photography courtesy of Lewis & Bull

I have a deep, deep love for the music featured in fashion flicks. Whether it be a runway show, a fashion documentary, or an actual silver screen movie, my Shazam app is usually open on my phone and listening. Some of the beats are simply IN.SANEI mean literally...insane. Just makes me want to get up and start flailing around like I'm in a 1990's NYC club that's blasting nothing but house music. Just grooving. When my fashion beats are in, I am totally in bliss. Here is bliss for me:

I remember this started around two years ago. I was at my grandma's house helping her with chores and just happened to have my Mac with me. At the time I was totally obsessed with the early work of Alexander McQueen (still obsessed with McQueen, probably will never not be obsessed with McQueen). Anyway, I was browsing his earlier collections on YouTube and I remember watching specifically his Autumn/Winter Ready-to-Wear 1997 collection, "It's a Jungle Out There." The cutting edge of his clothing and the vibrations of the music together made an energy that was so outrageous. After that, I became hooked. Probably 75% of my iTunes library is music from runway shows, documentaries, or soundtracks from films. It's gotten out of hand. Please be sure to watch the collection below. 

Last year around this time, J. Bull and I rented the movie "Dior and I," a fashion documentary that takes a look into the tenure of Raf Simons role as Creative Director for the luxury fashion house, Christian Dior. The film is fantastic. It's filled with a real look into the House of Dior. For anyone who is somewhat interested in the world of Haute Couture, it is a must see. The thing that really drew me in was the music. I had never heard anything like it, it was so cutting edge. I immediately found the playlist and added it to my Soundcloud. I have included the playlist below and a link to my very own SoundCloud profile so that you too, can get your life. 

Picture this: I'm on my way to class, dressed head to toe in my best outfit, head held high, earbuds pumping beats in my ears, imagining myself walking down a John Galliano runway. Speaking of John Galliano...this documentary right here? Everything. Take a look and listen for the beats.

 I can't get enough.  Music & Fashion moves me forward and keeps me lifted. No-one can stop me when the two are merged. Jamal will tell you the exact same thing.

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