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Friday, October 14, 2016

If it is anyone who embodies what it means to be a young, stylish, mademoiselle on the campus of A&T, it is none other than Dele Odomosu. For years Odomosu has slain the yard in her über cool, athletic-yet-still preppy, ivy-league looks. I remember my first moment of awe was about my sophomore year as Dele wore this jaw-dropping all-black ensemble in our school's cafeteria. Sporting an extra-large Stussy tee, her signature black running shorts, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and an oversized Michael Kors' men's watch, I thought this girl is the "epitome of chic." It was so effortless! Since then, Dele has always given fresh, innovative looks in only a way that she can. Read more on the young style star below. 

L&B: What does the idea of "dressing for success" mean to you?
DO: I was raised conservatively with the mindset that ‘dressing for success’ meant dressing to be taken seriously in any circumstance (wearing my shiny shoes with my shirt buttoned up). However, as I get older I feel ‘dressing for success’ is a lot more liberal. It’s not necessarily dressing for where you are in life now, but where you’re going. Wearing clothes that reflect the lifestyle you see yourself living. If you want to be a rockstar then grab a leather jacket and dress like one. If you know deep down you’re the posh city girl, then why not dress like one? If all you want is to be the sleek CEO then sport some suits. I’m all about marching to your own beat. Who is going to stop you? Of course have respect and consider your settings, but wearing clothes that reflect what you want your future to be is the best way to self motivate. It’s a constant reminder and forces people to see you in that light. 

L&B: If you could describe your style in three words what would those words be?
DO: Classic, Elegant, & Carefree.

L&B: When you wake up in the morning & go into your closet, what is the first thing you think of when figuring out what you want to wear?
DO: Honestly I’m really into functional fashion. Why look cute if your clothes are too tight to breathe or your shoes are too painful to walk in? So I think about what my plans are that day. Lots of classes? Meetings? Errands? Shopping? Meeting with friends? Just lounging? I then pick a shoe based on what my plans are. Sneakers for lots of errands, a sandal for a few classes or meeting up with friends, etc. Then I center my outfit around the shoe and these plans as best I can. I think ‘oh I should wear sneakers because I’ll be here and there...does this dress look weird with sneakers? Or I want to wear sandals, let me wear something to dress them down.’ 

L&B: What are (1-3) article(s) of clothing you absolutely cannot live without?
  1. This plain black pair of workout shorts. I love to throw them on with simple top for a sporty twist.
  2. My black hoodie. I get cold easily so I always tie it around my waist or drape it over my shoulders, but it always adds edge to my look.
  3. Strappy sandals with a half-inch or 1-inch heel. It dresses up a look without trying to hard - and the heel is still walkable.

L&B: Where do you plan to be in the next 5 years?
DO: I have absolutely no idea. I pray that I’m happy and peaceful. I pray that I’m successful. I hope that I’m still learning and growing. Most importantly I want to be in a position to give back to others. And of course I hope I’m fabulous. 

L&B: What keeps you motivated? 
DO: The world is yours. The sky is the limit. Anything is possible if you believe. These are cliché but I live by these phrases. I’m materialistic, but in the best way. I think it’s good to set physical personal goals - a car, a home, a Chanel bag. I have dreams of Chanel with H&M pockets right now. I know that if I keep working hard I can achieve my wildest dreams. We have to keep pushing and striving to do and be better because one day God will bless us with all the success, wealth, and of course all the Chanel we could ever want or need. I stay motivated knowing that there are still dreamers in the world. It’s our duty to work hard so that we can position ourselves to give back and help other people achieve their dreams and keep the cycle going. 

L&B: Why is style important to you?
DO: People love to mock fashion saying it’s just clothes, but it’s so much more than that. The clothes you wear, the style you have is the legacy you leave the world. People will judge you for your race, social class, and whatever else, but your style tells them this is who I really am. It’s not trying to copy someone else or cover up your insecurities but it’s instead expressing yourself. When you look good you feel good. We’d be lying if we said we don’t care about clothes. Everyone has had a date, a meeting, a first day, an interview, or even a family reunion and said ‘I want to look cute, I want to look nice, or I want to look professional.’ That’s not trying to keep up with the latest trends or sporting the flashiest designer, but just showing the world who you are and feeling good about yourself. Chanel or H&M, long or short hair, male or female, there is no right or wrong, it’s about confidence and happiness. Your style is a reflection of what you want to tell the world about yourself and no one can take that from you. Society will try to suppress your voice, but they can’t suppress your style - it’s innate, it’s who you are. So why not embrace it and have fun with it?

All photography courtesy of Prince D. Adams & Lewis & Bull

Black Slip Dress by H&M
Black Strappy Sandals by H&M
No-Wrinkle Striped Blouse by Jones New York
Pearls from Family

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