NYFWM A/W 2017 Day 1

Friday, February 03, 2017

Remember how J and I talked awhile back about how we were going back to New York Fashion Week: Men’s with a vengeance? Well, it happened… During this past Autumn/Winter 2017 season of New York Fashion Week: Men’s I was able to view a whopping THIRTY menswear collections. While everyone else was enjoying their winter break, Jamal and I were working. We sat down, did our research, made lists of PR contacts for the designers showing and proceeded to contact them. What came next was multiple invitations and an experience that changed my life.

My mind is still spinning on how many collections we were able to see and all that we were able to do. Not only was I booked with back to back shows that week, I was featured in an article on Men’s Health Style, as well as the best street style looks of The Impression and Essence Magazine. I also visited an old friend from A&T at her office at American Vogue. Overall, the trip really showed me that if I put my mind to something and work hard enough towards it, it can and will happen. The people I met in NYC inspired me to really focus on sharpening my craft and developing my brand because trusting your vision can take you very far.

Well…I won’t keep you waiting any longer. 
To begin with my review I’ll start with Day 1: New York Men’s Day. 

I had the privilege of attending Agentry PR’s prestigious New York Men’s Day presentations where twelve talented and emerging, menswear designers showcased their collections throughout two different time slots. The first was the 10:00 to 12:30 slot where I saw the collections of Max ’n Chester, Uri Minkoff, my absolute favorite…David Hart, Bristol, Kozaburo, and Krammer & Stoudt.

I thought Max’n Chester did a really great job of layering this season. The navy blue, olive green, grey, and black ensembles were simply outstanding. The sharp and crisp tailoring, the juxtaposition of soft and hard, and military uniform inspiration was all stunning. Very sharp and gave great examples of how to layer in the colder months. See the entire collection here… 

Uri Minkoff showed pieces that appealed to the gentleman who travels in style. Whether that guy is traveling throughout the city to get to the gym or class or catching a plane to Milan, Uri Minkoff showed a perfect mix of tailoring and leisure. Almost every model was carrying some sort of leather bag in various shapes and sizes. I especially loved the subtle zipper details on the shirts, the 2 buttons and short length of the double-breasted jackets, and pops of white stripes or bright sky blue on the clothes. The shoes seemed very comfortable, a mix of a Chelsea boot and Vans in all black.

David Hart never fails to get me back to my roots of menswear with his fine tailoring, 1950's era, perfectly executed, dapper suits. This season he used rich colors and eye-catching patterns to convey an unusual sense of optimism in his clothes. The vibrant tones and patterns were accentuated very well with his use of accessories. The scarves, droopy bow ties, suede and patent leather loafers, and bold, black, eyeglasses -- all wonderfully dramatic and brilliant. He chose to pair turtlenecks and ruffle shirts with the suits which I thought complimented the drama of it all quite perfectly. This was definitely my favorite collection of the first slot of NYMD. See the entire collection here

Bristol is another brand that was fairly new to me. The brand took early inspiration from what their NBA idols (quote — guys like Kobe, Iverson, and T-Mac — unquote) wore and mixed with their own influences. The guys sourced only Japanese fabrics and used non-traditional elements throughout the collection. I personally loved the warm, rich, colors they used in the collection paired with classic “sneaker-head” staples. 

Kozaburo definitely shook things up with the fact that all the boys were in platform shoes, something we need more of in the world. I definitely saw some punk rocker elements in this collection but the styling of the clothes was very chic as if you could see any of the pieces on a Parisian boy walking down an avenue in them. Different takes on the classic beret, as well as excellently tailored jackets, blazers, and coats. I thought it was a job well done! A magnificent mix of rocker meets chic.

Krammer & Stoudt was quite awesome as well. I thought that every single one of these pieces were great staples for any man. If all worn together you would definitely be armed for whatever you may come across if you were hitch-hiking or going on any sort of journey; Worn individually with a proper suit you would surely be able to survive a busy day in the city. The accessories were fantastic. An assortment of beanies, newspaper-boy-hats (as I call them), bandanas, and gloves, to keep you warm in the colder months -- all in rustic colors that can be worn rather easily. See the entire collection here

All photography courtesy of Lewis & Bull

To be continued...

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