NYFWM A/W 2017 Day 1 Part 2

Friday, February 03, 2017

The second time slot for New York Men's Day occurred from 4:00 to 6:30 where I saw David Naman, By Robert James, WOODHOUSE, Maiden Noir, R. Swiader, and Private Policy. 

When I saw the collection of David Naman there was no doubt in my mind that plaid is back. Whether it be in abstract argyle, houndstooth, or whatever you fancy, Mr. Naman gave you plenty of selections to choose from for this coming fall season. I loved the tuxedo detailing on the pants (TREND ALERT.) as well as the varsity numbering on the sweaters and coats. This particular look worn by model Michael Lockley (a favorite of mine) is absolutely fantastic. That black fur-collared coat along with those plaid pants -- perfection. Overall, the collection was very crisp, excellent attention to details, and outstanding patterns and colors. See the entire collection here

Fashion is supposed to be a representation of what’s going on in the country and in the world — By Robert James did just that. My faith in fashion was seriously restored. When you walked into the platform, everything moved you. The military influenced colors and camouflage print on the clothes, the music, the walking formation of the models all paired with the political protest signs — simply spectacular. There were combat boots, army backpacks, parka jackets, and the most outstanding shades of olive green, black, and brown. By the time I was done with this collection - I was ready to go outside and protest myself, and with these clothes, I would look fantastic doing it. 

WOODHOUSE was a presentation that my peers and I spent the most time in. Not only because I loved meeting the designer Julian, but because this collection was vibrant and energetic. The clothes represented a combination of luxury, comfort, and youthfulness that fits right in with today’s youth culture yet stands out with those details. The white “WOODHOUSE” lettering was not overdramatic in an Abercrombie & Fitch way and I’m sure will make bystanders wonder who you’re wearing. You could tell Julian took his time making sure the details stood out — like the subtle oversizing of the sweaters and the purposeful extra flaps of fabric with the WOODHOUSE logo on it. My favorite look was this green velvet perforated bomber jacket. I’m very interested in his career and what he creates in the future.

Maiden Noir was definitely one of my favorite collections for New York Men’s Day because of the SHOES alone. I gagged tremendously when I saw they paired those iconic black socks with shiny brogues and loafers. I’ve been doing that for YEARS and to see it in a collection was a serious style reaffirmation for me. Aside from the fantastic Doc Martens, the clothes were easy and wearable. I could see myself wearing every one of those pieces in one way or another. The pairing of the soft pastels with staple neutrals was so genius. My favorite look was this two-piece suit paired with this black, velvet, zipper-polo and black loafers. I also loved the jumpsuit jackets and the tuxedo piping on the trousers. 

R. Swiader presented a collection that was very familiar to me. The doc martens were the perfect piece of his menswear puzzle. It seemed to me that in this collection - when you have your docs, you are on your way. The simplicity of the shoes paired with the outerwear statement pieces is a perfect uniform for Parisian gentlemen, the Brooklyn native, as well as the Polish gents — all inspiration for designer Rafal Swiader. I loved the tops he paired with the shoes and pants — all perfectly outlandish and unique.

Last but not least for NYMD, Private Policy’s collection was definitely a showstopper. There were so many details that stood out in more ways than one. This brand is not for the weak. In order for you to step out in something from Private Policy, there needs to be strength and confidence. Crisp creases in the denim. Excellent jackets for any occasion. Chains on the hats and on the clothes. The collection flowed perfectly from mustard to olive green to navy blue, to black, to grey. There was so much science in the collection. They talk about the “chains and harness details promoting the idea of multiple pieces being interconnected and the need for them to work together to function.” Well thought out and executed phenomenally. I look forward to seeing more.

All photography courtesy of Lewis & Bull

That's about it for Day 1.

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