NYFWM A/W 2017 Day 2

Friday, February 03, 2017

On this snowy day in New York City, Jamal & I hopped into an Uber, crossed the Brooklyn bridge over to Manhattan, and proceeded to attend our second round of shows.

First on the list was Dim Mak Collection. For someone whose creative roots lay in the music world, I must say I'm quite impressed. The music was a bit overwhelming for me but I quickly began to understand his vision very clearly when I walked in and saw a giant skating ramp in the middle of Platform 2. Models were skateboarding down the ramp and metal rock music was blaring in the place! When everything stopped, I could definitely see the DNA of the brand in the clothes. Hooded sweatshirts and jackets, flat billed caps and beanies, as well as semi-baggy trousers with Adidas skater shoes. I would say it is a great start for Steve Aoki in fashion and (true to form). I'm glad that he is staying true to his essence. See the entire collection here

DYNE proved to be a very interesting mix of athleticism and technology. The term "wearable technology" was definitely in full effect throughout this collection. The DYNE logo was subtly featured in the clothes in a way that was not overwhelming but still sure to make bystanders wonder who you’re wearing when you pass by in the clothes. The brand definitely brought a breath of fresh air to the sportswear segment of menswear - offering a high-quality range of rich colors in a range of field jackets, hoodies, pants and shorts. The wonderful mix of bright reds, rich navy blues, and grey's in the clothes paired with up-tempo disco music within the Samsung 837 location was unforgettable.

Robert Geller was the icing on top of the cake for this season of NYFW: Men's. Being invited to this show was such an honor, and being able to go backstage and meet the designer I had spoken to a year ago was a dream come true. Three words: The Color Purple. This rich, royal, and powerful color was plastered all across this collection -- in my opinion -- as a response to the political environment of this country. The use of bright pinks, purples, and fuchsias mixed in with Geller's signature grey's, earthy browns, and blacks in military-inspired outerwear really brought his concept of "Love and War" to life. The concept of "Love" was evoked within those rich pinks, blues, and purples within the gloves, pants, and face masks (Loved these). While the concept of "War" was represented so well within the boots, sneakers, hats, as well as the classic military uniform-inspired overcoats. My absolute favorite part of this collection was the shoulder tassels with the straps on them, the belts, as well as the straps that went over the shoulder of the garments. With these tassels, he shined a new light on a military uniform classic, something that many early soldiers across the world wore in the 17' and 1800's. He romanticized the idea of going to war in 2017 (which - by all means, could very well happen) by incorporating historic elements of war soldiers uniforms and making them appropriate for now. This is by far my favorite Robert Geller collection, not only because I was invited but because he produced a real work of art -- reflecting the political environment of today while still making wearable clothes that stay within his design codes. Cannot wait for the next one. See my video coverage below and the entire collection here...

Zachary Prell was another presentation that I could not believe I got invited to! I thought -- Wow! With the reputation of Zachary Prell pushing the way modern businessmen dress today along with the craftsmanship and the quality of workmanship that is identified with this brand, I knew I would be witnessing a high caliber of menswear excellence. And so I did -- The looks were featured in the richest neutrals oftentimes in entire monotone ensembles that evoked the purest form of sharpness and sophistication. To spice everything up, he mixed in excellent plaid patterns, trucker hats, and cargo pockets with pops of colors in the belts and shoes. Overall I thought the collection was very wearable to anyone who admires rich, neutral colors and quality fabrics.

At this show, I met and spoke with Senior VP & Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing. I think it's safe to say my insides were melting. 

The Ovadia & Sons collection was a seriously surreal moment for me during this season of New York Fashion Week: Men's. Initially, I was not invited to this show. At the time of its start, I almost gave up my chances of getting in when Jamal called my phone and told me to come back to Platform 1. I was so scared to finesse entry into this show but I am so glad that I did because not only was the show spectacular, the audience included all of the top heavy hitters in menswear. Sharing the same space and time with famed celebrities such as Victor Cruz & Fabolous along with front row regulars like Eric Rutherford, Steven Kolb of the CFDA, and Andrew Rosen of Theory was simply mind-boggling. As far as the clothes are concerned, the Ovadia brothers drew inspiration from their Israeli childhood and the times they spent with their father -- a soldier and a soccer player. These soccer and military themes were sprinkled within the collection through traditional army prints, field and parka jackets, as well as combat boots. The velvet track-suits and soccer uniform inspired tees with Hebrew text on them were also all great pieces. The designers kept their design aesthetic alive and well with the checker and leopard print garments and accessories, bold colors paired with neutrals, and cool jackets. At the end of this show I had a brief conversation with the longtime editor-in-chief and creative director of American GQ, Jim Nelson & Jim Moore. A great talk and a serious affirmation. See my video coverage and a snapshot of the collection below...

All photography courtesy of Lewis & Bull

That's about it for Day 2.

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