Palomo Spain Madrid Fashion Week

Friday, March 24, 2017

Early this year, on February 19th, to be exact, at the Club Matador in Madrid, the rising master of what I call "couture pour hommes," Mr. Palomo brought his ground-breaking "OBJETO SEXUAL" A/W 2017 collection to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week stage. After his NYFWM show, the designer gave his following another chance to view the 35 extraordinary looks from the collection. In four different rooms, Mr. Palomo further broke down the collection into four different moods he wanted to evoke: desire, to be desired, purity, and ecstasy. To bring together the flamboyancy of his collection with the models already off-duty looks, the designer paired Converse All-Stars with the colorful and extravagant gender-fluid pieces in his collection to construct a masterpiece of presentation. Fashion is art. This is what we know to be true. In an industry chock-full of copycats and wannabe's, Mr. Palomo is a voice of creative genius crying out into the normative wilderness. His clothes are romantic, elegant, fluid, and provocative. They tell a story and paint a picture of the captivating images and fantasies that run through his mind, all while putting a stamp on the new wave of gender-fluidity in men's clothing. I have been given the outstanding opportunity to showcase these works of art and moments in time with you. View all of the rooms below. I hope you enjoy!


1. Disco Room

2. Sex Room

3. Relaxing Room

4. Virginity Room



All photography courtesy of Palomo Spain

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