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Monday, January 23, 2017

Ever since I was a youngin' music was one thing that intrigued me.  I believe music tells a time in the world, gives a feeling, it evokes thoughts, starts conversations, gets you through the day, and wakes you up in the morning. Music makes you move, and move, and really move other people. Being in the #RihannaNavy I love Robyn Fenty so much, and I like her so much because she possesses thoughts and feelings I can relate too. Play Pour It Up and she gets the party jumping. Just like Rihanna, I love to have fun and make sure everyone around me is enjoying life as well. I listen to all sorts of genres, different artists, live music, concert recorded audio, and instrumentals (love a good instrumental). BASS is what gets me the most, I love the bass in any song. Every song has bass just listen closely to it. My friends really count on me to be the DJ in the car, at a party or giving them a new song to feel out to. 

On a normal day catch me listening to music from the playlist listed below (Apple Music is needed) :

Shoutout to Shazam and asking Siri "what song is playing?"

The Best of Sade
Shit Robot
Nadia Sirota
Erykah Badu

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