In Paris, Palomo Returns to Spain

Friday, June 23, 2017

On June 21st, a day marking both the first of the summer and of Paris Fashion Week Men's, the renowned and provocative rising master of "couture pour hommes," -as I call him- Mr. Alejandro Palomo brought his 2018 Pre-Spring/Summer collection to the Mona Bismarck American Center in Paris.

For this collection, Mr. Palomo was intent on going back to his roots in Spain. As a native of the country's southern region - having been born and raised there before he ventured into the world of fashion at the mere age of 17 - I think it is safe to say that Palomo knows quite a bit about the beauty of his country. That beauty was showcased in the most spectacular fashion as seventeen remarkable looks went down the runway.

In my opinion, the collection was HUGELY romantic. It evoked a specific sensibility to his native country and made sense of some key elements of Spanish costume and culture that I've seen in many of his previous collections. With red and white roses sprinkled all throughout the collection - he gave his followers just what we wanted - Matador-inspired jackets, Chantilly lace dresses, satin gowns, and pinstripe and houndstooth printed jackets, overcoats, and suits. 


As always, Mr. Palomo's use of accessories, hair, and make-up is what brings every single look together. The gold and silver embellished hoop earrings and necklaces, the iconic Cordoba hats, flamenco boots, and heavily fringed satin scarves with the words por favor and Palomo embroidered on them - for all of that detail work I can say, "Yo Necesito todo por favor!"


The beauty marks on the models face as well as the slick, black, curly, styling of their hair: just absolutely chic in every form. Not to mention the COLORS. Expert mixes of black and white, the deepest reds one can think of, silver slippers, red and gold mixes in the fringe scarves, and my personal favorites - fuschia, lavender, and aubergine in soft and strong hues - mucho perrrfecto!


After carefully observing this collection, it is hard to imagine who wouldn't fall in love with the rich culture and chic costumes of Mr. Palomo's Spain. I predicted that a Spanish collection was well in the works for this brand and I sincerely applaud Mr. Palomo for evoking the devotion he has for his country all while staying true to his design aesthetic within this collection. As always - Can't wait for the next show!

All photography courtesy of Palomo Spain

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