J. Bull Takes Spain

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Since coming to college my love for traveling has increased greatly, and since that increase, I wonder how I could journey to Europe, Asia, or Africa. I made an attempt during my freshmen year, but at that time my mind and being weren't quite ready for being abroad. So here I am three years later typing from my desk (my internship) in Madrid, Spain. I have heard so many things about studying abroad, all the excitement, the opportunities that lie ahead for you, and the experience that will take place.  I told my mother, my friends, and myself in so many different ways that it will happen, and it did. I reminded myself by writing in my journal, on my phone, and talking to myself on my Macbook that I will get here. It was a very long journey, but I made it all happen.

Real Madrid El Futbol Stadium
I wanted to open a part of my life that I have dreamed about since I was in elementary school.  I have heard rumors that Black American Individuals don't travel the world. I wanted to show people that you can be black and travel out of the United States, and live life. There were times where I was silent about the internship abroad because I did not know if I was going due to financial reasons & school regulations. Everyone around me witnessed my breakdowns and pushed me to good spirits and I thank everyone deeply for that push. With all that being said I made it to Madrid interning with La Condesa, fashion house born in 2009 by Marina Conde, The Countess as she would say. Follow La Condesa on Instagram here.

Puerta del Sol, the Center of Madrid
With two months of interning in the Marketing department, I am excited to see what I will learn and how I can put my education to use. Aside from interning, I am very eager to experience life in Spain, and the growth that will partake internally for me. I've only been here for a month and already envision myself living in Madrid. I am keeping in mind that I want to start my life in a great place after graduating, so maybe Madrid might be that place. Sometimes I feel like a leaf in the wind, and I'll land where ever the wind takes me. I just enjoy getting lost in the streets of Madrid and speaking Spanglish. Being here my Spanish language will increase most definitely, and it also has moved me to want to start studying other languages of the world. I only have one month left of living in Madrid, and I am still in shock that I am here. I love my internship and I enjoy working with such a great team. My internship is preparing me for my career in the fashion industry in so many ways.

Until we read again!
J. Bull

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