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Monday, June 26, 2017

Living in Europe, it's easy and affordable to travel to various countries, so I did just that and landed in Paris, France. I chose the perfect time to go to Paris because it is #ParisMensFashionWeek. With such experience from #NewYorkMensFashionWeek, I decided to go forth and be great! I arrived Friday night and made way to my AirBnB. I took the Metro and it took me an hour just to get from the airport to my home. I bought my plane ticket and Airbnb last minute, so my AirBNB was on the outskirts of Paris. I arrived at my Airbnb and was greeted with red wine and later on dinner as well. I was so exhausted, so I just stayed in and prepared myself for a long Saturday ahead.

Saturday: I woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast and pressed my way to Paris. I am not a tourist at all, but I made my way to the Eiffel Tower. *Of Course, I went to the Eiffel Tower and spent 3 hours there because the lines were so long and it took two elevator rides just to get to the top.* Surprisingly Mr. Eiffel lived there in his apartment, cool right? I was so starved I bought an amazing hot dog and then made my way to Le Marais. Le Marais is pretty much the fashion neighborhood of Paris. Designers were showcasing their collections in Le Marais. I enjoyed the area and took great pictures. I went to this store called "Le BHV Marais", and it reminded me of Neiman Marcus. I met up with my friend I follow on Instagram and I told him about this Vetements No Show Show. I learned about it through the Instagram hashtag #pfw. I saw the address and time posted so I went. Me not knowing what is going on I just walked up and walked into the show. In fashion, any event offers free wine and drink fusions, for I was so happy I celebrated with Moet and conversations with some great people. I met Tim Blanks, Editor at Large with the Business of Fashion. I recognized him from the BoF videos and interviews. GUYS, I met a lady who works with Thom Browne, and I completely FANNED OUT.  She was decked in Thom Browne head to toe. Shoes, The Best Pencil Skirt Suit, Shirt, and Shades. I asked her what the best thing about working for Thom Browne was and she told me the creativity the man has is the best. I love talking to people and sharing words. We all love fashion so it's always something to share in the conversation. After the exhibit, I parted ways with Kevin and ended up in front a restaurant with a friend I met during #NYFWM, Sarah. At that time she was working GQ Australia and landed me on their website for Best Street Style #NYFWM. It's a good feeling having friends across the globe and still having a connection with them. She took me to a restaurant where her friend was hosting #RomanticArtDinners. I bought the most amazing piece of art from the artist: Nattofranco. She explained me to the design behind the shirt and I was in awe. Part of me wanted to support a designer and part of me wanted to buy something. So it's a win, win. Great Food & Great Conversation ended a fantastic day in Paris for me!

In the streets of Le Marais.
Pose by the Chanel sign, DUH!
Photos from the Vetements show.
Tim Blanks and I, (love Moet btw).
Kevin and I (love meeting Insta-friends).
If you are going to bomb my photo, then bomb it!
Sarah and I before I devoured the burger and fries I ordered.
PHOTO says it all!

Sunday: I woke up, got dressed, did a facial mask on my Insta-story and headed out to finish my last day in Paris. Reached out to a few designers and PR companies and I got invited to a lot of shows, but I didn't arrive in Paris until Friday night and the Eiffel Tower visit was 3 hours long. So I missed the shows I was invited to. But on Sunday I made it my mission to attend the shows I was invited to. I was able to attend two collection presentations. Chin Men's and Sankuanz. I was in awe because here I am attending fashion shows in PARIS. I'm doing a separate post on both menswear brands. I took an Uber from Chin Men's to Sankuanz because one started at 12 and the other at 1. The Uber ride was amazing and I enjoyed every bit of it. The driving by seeing the streets of Paris and threaten the livelihood of hitting moped drivers made it so much more better. After the shows, I wanted to visit Virgil Abloh's exhibit "Temperature". First off his Spring/Summer 2018 Off White collection was open to the public in Pitti during Milan Men's Week, and I wasn't in attendance. Me being curious about Virgil Abloh, Off-White, and as a designer made me really want to go. It was a great exhibit, quick and straight to the point. After all of the fun-filled festivities, I had to jet myself to the Charles de Gaulle Airport to return to Madrid.

Description of Chin Men's Spring/Summer 2018 Collection.
Models being models.
The gangs all here!

SANKUANZ Spring/Summer 2018 Collection Description.
The models were walking so fast I couldn't snap fast enough.
Can I have this jacket, please?
I need this linen suit and shoes ASAP!
The Promotion pics Virgil posted on his Instagram.
If you look closely, you can hear him breathe.
Inside the blue house, were videos and audio of him living his life!

Looks from his past collections.
IKEA Looks - thought this was funny!
Looks he has designed and worn.
All in all, I enjoyed Paris, every moment I took in, and put my best foot forward. In the Fashion capital of the world, I was bound to have a great trip. I read so much about Paris and How to be Parisienne where ever you are is a book I'm going to revisit just to make the connection better. Maybe I will work in Paris and vacation in New York. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!

Until we read again!
J. Bull

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