NYFWM S/S 2018 Day 1

Thursday, July 20, 2017

This particular season of New York Fashion Week: Men's proved to be a season of firsts, immaculate detail work (within my own and in that of the designers) as well as a recurring theme of travel. My own method of travel was one of the firsts of which I am speaking of. Due to a series of unfortunate events and circumstances, I had to resort to taking the China bus to New York, stay in the basement of an Art Studio-turned-Airbnb in Brooklyn, and finally use previously printed subway directions in order to navigate through the city to attend all of my shows.

Nonetheless, this (well-needed) venture proved to be an enormous success. Even with all of those circumstances (literally operating in Manhattan without a cell phone) I made it to every single one of my shows on time. Big turn-around from last season's shenanigan's - right? This trip really reiterated the power of details to me. On a limited budget & a determination to attend every collection I was invited to, I sat down and carefully curated every single facet of my trip. To my disbelief, it was nothing short of a success. Let's begin with New York Men's Day, slot 1 - 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. It all began with a swipe of my weekly metro card and a quick trip on the L-train from Brooklyn into Manhattan. 

To capitalize on the recurring theme of travel, I'll start with Daniel Richter Paris...

Excellent use of the classic Stan Smith to accessorize fluid & chic Parisian-themed looks. 

This navy bomber jacket (pictured above) was my absolute favorite from the collection.

Bristol used muted and neutral tones within his clothes to create a luxe look that oozed sporty chic.

The designer used inspiration from his favorite basketball players growing up to construct a collection that is reminiscent of basketball's glory days all while keeping the clothes fresh and right for now. 

I've said this once and I'll say it again - David Hart never fails to bring me back to my roots of tasteful and polished menswear classics. Only this time, Mr. Hart brought to his audience of buyers, press, and fellow fashion mavens a taste for a colorful summer in the Hamptons.

Whether these gents were sporting espadrilles or suede loafers, each and every one of them looked exquisite and polished - both ready and able to be the life of the Hampton's party. 

These suits were all accessorized perfectly with sunglasses, scarves, and cigars to top everything off.

A brand that is relatively new to me, HEAD OF STATE+ proved to be a delightful pleasure to the eye with its magnificent use of color (referring to the models and clothes alike). 


The clothes mixed perfectly with the backdrop and each of these devilishly handsome men of color was broadcasted wearing clothes as rich as their skin with details that pulled everything together. 

Krammer & Stoudt enticed me with the brand's excellent use of comfortable knit fabrics in beige and blue tones, bringing the idea of a perfect afternoon on the beach to mind. 

The guys looked extremely comfortable and one could tell that each of the models was happy to be wearing these pieces. A sense of easy luxury infiltrated the atmosphere entirely. 

So glad I was able to step inside this "Baja Dream."

Julian Wood House put together a brilliant collection with a message that correlated perfectly with today's political turmoil. His theme of "Let's have a field day!" brought my faith back in today's fashion system. 

Fashion is supposed to serve as a mirror to what's happening in the modern world.

Julian did just that, bringing this theme to life with chic baseball gear accompanied with everything from baseball hats to baseball bats. I definitely had a field day when I saw this collection. One can only hope that the gentlemen who tote his clothes do the same.

All photography courtesy of D H L.

After leaving the 10:30 - 12:00 morning slot of the New York Men's Day shows, I headed home to cook a quick lunch and refresh for the afternoon presentations. The next part of our story begins with a ride back into Manhattan on the L train to see the 4:30 - 6:00-afternoon slots.

See Day 1 Part 2 here...

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