Pepa Salazar Spring/Summer 2018

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

When my friends over at Pelonio Press sent me the photos of this fantastic collection I was one -- honored to once again be included in the loop of the happenings of Spanish fashion, and two -- immediately inspired to put on my most glamorous and colorful ensemble and go out dancing in my town. Greensboro, NC is quite the distance away from the Anton Martin Market in Madrid where this collection was presented, but one could feel the penetrating glamour of these pieces from across seas.

Perhaps, what impressed me the most was the underlying story behind the pepaSALAZAR Spring/Summer 2018 collection. In recent years, the fashion world has made the recycling of fabrics a huge part of its operations. This brand did just that and with a creative touch that is unmatched. The overall collection "reflects on the concept of use and the reuse of resources." 

"The collection emerged from a large piece of a rectangular fabric divided into five parts that are complemented as a puzzle. The end of a piece initiates the next, using all the existing fabric and eliminating any waste this way. For this, the designer has collaborated with the typographer Ausias Perez to create a graffiti artwork that acts as a connection between all the fragments of the puzzle." 

Magnificent tones of Deep Reds, Emerald Greens, and a juxtaposition of blacks, whites, silvers, and more! Loose silhouettes, details of fringe and tulle, and ribbed knit dresses that wrap around the body with loops and laces and the overlapping silks are knotted and twisted with straps. A wonderful vision for glamour combined with an impressive amount of craftsmanship...I loved every second of this collection. I hope you do the same. See the entire collection below! 

I hope you enjoyed the collection as much as I did as well as get a HEAP of inspiration for your wardrobe selections when you are going out & need to SLAY for a moment. For more information on this incredible Spanish brand, visit for more! 

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