NYFWM S/S 2018 Day 1 Part 2

Thursday, July 20, 2017

For the second half of the New York Men's Day shows from 4:30 to 6:00 pm, several designers continued to lure me into their imaginations of what men's fashion can mean today. 

Private Policy gave cowboy western Americana a facelift in the name of New York cool. 

The ensembles incorporated rich + colorful classic cowboy pieces with risqué and edgy details...

Descendant of ThievesMatteo Maniatty shed light on how clothing can be a mask for all of us.

"The aesthetics of the collection are inspired by deviant yet fashion obsessed MODs of the mid 60's who broke new ground by making it acceptable for males to dress purely for show." 

Maiden Noir entitled this season's collection Return to Stone Garden, featuring a healthy mix of "muted colors with splashes of bright and crisp fabrics complemented by soft washed out garments." 


To me, David Hockney proved yet again that his clothes are both tasteful and wearable. 

...& much like last season, he brought back my signature black loafer + sock combo. Can't get enough. 

The atmosphere that the designer behind R. Swiader created with his exceptional taste in electronic house music paired with wonderfully curated graphics and posh looks was definitely the highlight of my entire day.

The pieces are for the brave and chic and are sure to shake up any event when worn out on the town. 

The designer stayed true to his Polish roots while creating cutting-edge clothes for a global audience. 

Julius Juul designed this "P.T.C.S." collection with an individual dealing with Post War Existential Crisis in mind. The NYMD guests entered the world of Heliot Emil through this plastic overlay.

Mr. Juul mixed the "formality and discipline of the military with the carefree attitude of a lost mind."

Excellent craftsmanship and use of colors, texture, shape, and embellishments. These clothes are sure to give any street style maven a real bang for their buck. 

Another relatively new brand for me, the collection of Life in Perfect Disorder was an excellent blend of wearable clothing along with an 'in-your-face' response to the political turmoil of today.

The presentation brought a certain attitude with it that evoked rebelliousness, optimism, and nonchalance to the very core in the clothes. This "Trump to Country: Drop Dead" tee sums the message up quite well.

After the guests of the NYMD presentations were finished viewing the afternoon slots, we were directed outside the space into a special event held by PROJECT entitled "Fashion In The Park." As Michael Jackson classics and Rick James' "Give it to Me Baby" blared from an immaculate rooftop arena with the perfect view of the Hudson River, I was joined by editors, bloggers, photographers, peers, and all of my fellow NYMD attendees as we viewed the collections of 5 more designers. 

Photography courtesy of my dear friend, Karl Davidson.

Taking inspiration from Dior's "New Look" in 1947, I decided to go against the grain with my "New Look" for menswear seventy years later in 2017. With an array of pearls, pinstripe trousers, a velvet purse, and a thrift "Correctional Facility" tagged jacket, I was very proud to piece this look together - pushing the direction of how men can dress even further.

Michael Bastian showcased modern menswear staples with his use of olive, navy, and grays in "key fabrications of linen blends, cotton mesh, suede, and cotton sateen." 

Faherty brought us all back to worldly beach cultures and the easy luxury that exudes from it.

Very "boy-next-door" vibes came to mind as I can see plenty of the guys in my neighborhood growing up wearing these looks by the pool almost head to toe.

M. Singer is curated by former Neiman Marcus/Bloomingdales fashion director Matthew Singer.

The clothes are wearable and comfortable for the masses - ideal for a day of relaxation for any man.

WRK introduced a "painters series," drawing inspiration from whites and neutrals of blank canvases. 

Finally, Thaddeus O'Neil showcased a collection entitled "Ordinary Eternal Machinery," crafted from O'Neil's reading of Leonard Cohen's novel, Beautiful Losers. 

True to form, this collection was fun, colorful, vibrant, and continues to bring light to the designer's passion for western surfing culture.

All photography courtesy of D H L (unless stated otherwise).

After this, I paraded around the streets of New York with my dear friends Ivan and Ivan (Mr. Karl Davidson to be exact). Together, we window shopped and maneuvered our way into the various afterparties of the night. Champagne is always the perfect end to a day full of shows. 

That's the end of Day 1. See Day 2 here

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