At Hotel Palomo, Reservation For One Please...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

As I write this, I'm sitting at the immaculate O.Henry Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina. I look around and am surrounded by great beauty…the lobby is filled with delicious 18th-century furniture, ravishing masterpieces of paintings, classical music that puts the mind at ease, a staff that is dressed uniformly, and an outside balcony with a waterfall that's sure to transport anyone to wherever their hearts desire. Well…in this moment (with all this great luxury in mind) I am transported to a time & place in the fabulous Wellington Hotel, which is “a benchmark of luxury in the Spanish capital of Madrid.” It was here that the rising master of couture pour hommes - as I call him, Mr. Alexander Gomez Palomo presented a simply iconic collection for Spring/Summer 2018 — showcasing the chic, fluid, & fabulous ensembles of “hotel guests” he’d seen before during his travels presenting previous collections in Paris, Madrid, Moscow, &  New York

As the brand’s official press release has stated, “The designer conceives the space of the hotel as the meeting point for all those characters, living together in a stage that calls for elegance, no matter the status or the origin of those individuals. Alejandro reclaims a personal dressing way and the comfort of every character with the style he/her has selected for him/herself. From the hotel manager, the bell boys, the cook, or the chambermaids, to the Arab sheikess or the heir of a metallurgical empire. Going through the drug dealer, the prostitute, the cowboy and the tennis player, to the nal look, the bride, recurring character in the brand ́s shows. Alejandro has built up a plot that starts as the hotel awakens and ends up in a party at night.” And build up that plot he did. Mr. Palomo broadcasted a total of 68 looks at the luxurious Wellington Hotel, all absolutely extravagant and beautiful masterpieces, making this collection his largest to date.

Perhaps, one of my favorite parts of the collection were these modern + chic interpretations of how I often dressed up in towels & sheets as a kid to pretend I was draped in elegant floor-length ball-gowns. (My friends & I still do this from time to time if enough Merlot is involved. lol)



These tastefully textured, ivory, two-piece looks (above & below) are also among my favorites of this collection. Imagine a joyful July day in a foreign country dressed in these. Nonchalance...




These two looks (above & below) are by far two of my ABSOLUTE favorites from this entire collection. I could see myself at a Hotel in Paris or Milan living in these looks for day & night.



Always one to take calculated risks - and pull them off perfectly. Extraordinary use of beadwork, embroidery, texture, and accessorizing with the shoes. Also, the make-up was slight yet fierce + enticing.



All of it brings out the fabulous little girl in all of us who so desperately wants to raid her mother's closet and wear all her fancy dresses, blouses, shoes, and accessories without a single care in the world.


Obsessed & in love with this perfectly pink look. 


(Also just too good to be true. This entire ensemble is stunning. I'm usually not one for florals but the details of the jacket, the tall brown boots, and the shape of the sunglasses are absolute perfection. I'd wear this on a Spanish street in a New York heartbeat.


[utter fabulousness.]


Glamour, Glamour, & more Glamour



I hope you enjoyed this marvelous collection as much as I did. Be sure to check out to stay in the loop of all the fabulousness of this iconic menswear designer. As always, Mr. Palomo has not failed me & I cannot wait to see the next masterpiece of a collection that he brings to life. 

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