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Thursday, January 11, 2018

If you are heavily indulged into fashion and love having a knowledge of who is who, what they do, where they come from, and all those other great things, it's safe to say you have people who inspire your look. But let's take it a bit further and transition from inspiration to family or Fashion Family. I have my fashion family and I'm pretty sure you will have one after reading this. Now my artistic skills lack to a certain extent but bear with me here. I decided to showcase it in a biography summary kind of way because it would be easy to explain and show how my family operates. 

Son: The leading figure in the family, he grew up watching his mom, dad, grandparents get dressed up in the morning, and listened to everything they have to say about fashion and style. Their lessons shaped him into a stylistic beast. His family established many family heirlooms that came through knowledge and actions. He exemplifies those heirlooms through his words and style.

Muva: Since birth, she instilled me with the attribute VERSATILITY. Growing up I only heard  2 lessons: Lesson 1: Never wear the same outfit twice unless it's an emergency and Lesson 2: don't ever be in an emergency state. She always told me that fashion is something to play with it, but don't get carried away. The versatility is something I took and ran with. I can never find a certain look because every day I feel something different. 
"Never a failure, always a lesson" is what I live by thanks to my Muva.

Dad: Compared to my real life I was hooked on urban wear and sneakers. He taught and showed me how streetwear & menswear go great together. He knows brands, he studies the garment and could care less about what others think. His actions sometimes might not be the best, but he still is the dad. His whole crew is swagged out as well. Without him, you really wouldn't care for Rick Owens or Dries Van Noten.

Grandfather: He possesses this real smooth renaissance feeling about him that transcends into my day to day life, especially when night falls. He cares about suits more than anything in the world. How to be a Gentlemen in and out of Suit is a book he would write if he did. Every time I put on a suit I think of him.

Grandmother: Her voice lingers in your mind every time you have a major decision to make. She has so much wisdom to share with you about life and the best way to live. She wants the best for you, but you have to want it for yourself. She's iconic because she changed the way woman dressed since her first wrap dress premiered.

AuntTEA: Everything about her is groovy, baby! When I stay at her house I am allowed to be as a free and boundless with all my decisions and life choices. She made me understand color theory and how to really make a look pop. We groove out to soulful music and taught me how to sautee spinach. She's protective of her family and made me realize what it means to be strong in your own right.

Unc: He never really came around for family events, unless it was just the fam. He broke all the rules of fashion and created his own style that no one can master. He really is so creative that he can't help it but innovation is his second language. Everyone loves him but no one knows him (knows him). He taught me menswear x streetwear. Working with Chanel and Adidas really made me appreciate him more than ever. Inspiration is more than just a feeling from him.

Fairy GodMother: Since the first day I realized who she was to me, I adored her for everything she has done. Her career portfolio and the relationships she has with legends of fashion make me so happy for my own career. Her attitude, her love, and her WALK are the reasons she is my GodMother. She instilled me the sense of being who I am and speaking my mind.
I love her!

Thee GodFather: Once I understood who he was, he became one of the biggest motivators for me. Southern, Strong, and Smart! He made sure I knew the history of fashion before I knew the alphabet. He assures me that my color, my work, and my personality will take me far in fashion. He has worked with some of thee most important women and men in fashion. He is full of so much wisdom and knowledge all I do is listen to him.

These are just some of the most important people to me that have made an impact on my life and I consider them to be fashion relatives. Do you have a fashion family? If so, comment below and tell me. We could be related!

x. J. Bull

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