Palomo Spain Autumn/Winter 2018 "The Hunting"

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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This is my fourth time covering a collection from the audacious brand "Palomo Spain" and I must say, it seems as if Mr. Palomo is targeting every single element of the ever-eloquent and age-old establishment of fashion. He is tearing down the walls of what fabulous used to mean and building it back up for today's men of fearless if to say..."To hell with your gender norms. Deal with it. This is the reality of now." 

For Autumn/Winter 2018 Palomo brought his loyal flock of fashion followers back to the Paris stage...this time, daring to tap into the age-old tradition of hunting. I, for one, never liked to go camping when I was younger and even today, if you asked me if I wanted to go hunting I would look at you as if you had three necks. However, with the armor that this collection presented, I might just be willing to give it a try. 

As the official press release states, "The Automne Hiver 2018 collection of Palomo arises from one of the most recurrent activities in the history of the human being: hunting. While the Spanish menswear firm does not try to make an apology for this, it does find a deep inspiration in the aesthetic that surrounds it, especially in the area of Andalucía, Homeland of Alejandro Gómez Palomo, the creative director of the brand." 

To me, the collection was an absolutely sublime combination of "the Monteria, Spanish term for hunting event, and modern couture," as the brand has stated. There was more volume to this collection since his last and an overall sense of royalty...inspired hugely by early portraits of Velázquez in the court of Felipe IV. There were wide coats, corsets, skirts, drapes, the most perfectly-cut flared trousers, bringing everything together. 

Perhaps, the best part of this collection for me was the accessories. In particular...the *Hats. Having purchased a wide array of bird feathers to place on my own wide-brims, I took a particularly familiar liking to these hats...made in collaboration with Tolentino, a Sevillano milliner from the same homeland of Mr. Palomo himself. The bags set it off even more with the leather, gazelle skins, fringes, and deer antlers. For this collection, Mr. Palomo combined a mix of wonderful fabrics such as brocade, taffeta, tartan, tweed, wool, and velvet in rich tones and patterns to produce modern and chic hunting clothes that stayed in line with all of the glamour Palomo Spain represents.

Here are all of my favorite looks. 

My Absolute Favorite. I'd wear this Royal Red RIGHT off the Runway. 

One can NEVER go wrong with a long, lustrous, luxurious, coat

I've rocked a Foxtail since High School. Ecstatic he's bringing this back.

TWEED. Yes, & more yes. 

#1...that Bag. #2...this entire LOOK = Life. 

Obsessed with this Brocade Two-Piece Suit with Fur Trim. OBSESSED.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LIVE for Long, White, Fur. 

The embellishment on these two looks (above and below) make these two of the most eye-catching pieces in the entire collection. The sling-backs were the perfect finishing touch. 

And as always, a DASH of absolute glamour to finish everything off. 

Bravo Mr. Palomo! To dive even more into the fabulous world of Palomo Spain, be sure to check out to shop, read, & inquire. 

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